Rumus, Contoh, dan Latihan Soal Simple Past Tense


Positif vs Negatif vs Interogatif

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Lengkapilah kalimat-kalimat rumpang di bawah ini agar menjadi kalimat Simple Past Tense positif, negatif, atau interogatif yang tepat.

1. Emma and Clark ______ English last night.

2. What ____ you ____ last Friday morning?

3. Your shoes ______ so expensive.

4. Emily ______ me a story yesterday.

5. Where ___ Emily and her family ____ last July?

6. ____ these shoes expensive?

7. She ______ from her bicycle two days ago.

8. ____ you ____ new clothes at my shop yesterday?

9. My house _____ big enough.

10. Yesterday, they _____  me go.


Bagaimana penguasaan kamu terhadap simple present tenses sekarang? Sudah jauh lebih baik bukan?

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Rumus, Contoh, dan Latihan Soal Simple Past Tense
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