Exercise : Adjective Participles: Present Participle vs Past Participle


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1. The boy was frightened by the strange noise. The _________ boy sought comfort from her father.

2. The men were exhausted. The _____________ men laid down to rest under the shade of a big tree.

3. The match disappoints me. It is a ___________ match.

4. I bought some _______ vegetables at the supermarket.

5. The dragon was a _____________ sight for the villagers.

6. The students are bored by the performance. They are ________ students.

7. The strange noise frightened the boy. It was a __________ sound.

8. The trip exhausted the men. It was ___________ trip.

9. The news embarrassed the man. It was ______________ news.

10. The performance bores the audiences. It is a  _________ performance.



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Exercise : Adjective Participles: Present Participle vs Past Participle
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    • Hi Naufal,,

      Sarannya kami tampung dulu ya, untuk materi tentang exercise bisa di lihat di artikel Adjective Participles yang linknya tersedia di artikel ini.

      Terima kasih 🙂


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