Exercise! Direct dan Indirect Objects


Pilihlah Objek yang tepat untuk kata yang bergaris bawah dalam kalimat-kalimat di bawah ini.

Ini adalah kuis dari materi
Direct dan Indirect Objects

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1. The chauffeur accidentally locked his keys in his limousine.

2. My brother paid the woodworker ten dollars to repair his front door.

3. Mrs. carl made me a costume for the show.

4. The college awarded my sister a full scholarship.

5. Clara knit a sweater for her boyfriend.

6. I gave the clerk a ten-dollar bill.

7. Clara sent his aunt a postcard from Elenaโ€™s Vineyard.

8. The candidate gave voters a chance for questions.

9. Yvone pitched Claire the baseball.

10. My mother bought me a necklace.


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Exercise! Direct dan Indirect Objects
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