Exercise : I like vs I’m like


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Ini adalah kuis dari materi

Perbedaan “I LIKE” dan “I AM LIKE”

1. Drivers who exceed the speed limit can expect to be ______ heavily.

2. August has seen a large _____ in the number of unemployed.

3. The stone plaque ________ his name was smashed to pieces.

4. This rain could _____ our plans for the garden party.

5. I tied the ribbon around the parcel in a pretty _____.

6. He works in a factory where they _______ fruit.

7. My parents ____ always ______ over money.

8. I ____________ with my children. They knew the rules and I made sure they kept to them.

9. No need to drive to go there, the beach _______.

10. The difference between Ms McArthur and her countless ______ is the elegance of her writing.



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Exercise : I like vs I’m like
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