Exercise! Nama-Nama Warna dalam Bahasa Inggris


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1. My favourite colour is the colour of water.

2. I just bought a new brownies yellow color scarf.

3. She was dressed in the colour of roses.

4. When you mix this colour with blue colour, it becomes purple.

5. I look for a pale brown colour compact powder.

6. I really like this colour. It has similar colour to the sky.

7. ______ is the perfect colour for my jeans.

8. Do you know my  bluish-green colour shirt?

9. When it deals with printing and photography, I choose a deep-greenish blue colour.

10. Ann’s skirt has a lovely colour. It looks like pink and purple in one soft colour.



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Exercise! Nama-Nama Warna dalam Bahasa Inggris
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