Exercise! One or Ones ?!


Ini adalah kuis dari materi

One or Ones ?!

Pilihlah salah satu jawaban yang paling tepat untuk melengkapi kalimat rumpang di bawah ini.

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1. I think I need some new glasses. The ____ I have at the moment are broken.

2. My stockings are torn. I need _______ .

3. I don’t mind what car it is, I just want ___ gets me there.

4. Let’s look at the photographs. The ___ you took in New York.

5. Which do you prefer; this ___ or that ___ ?

6. I hope this vacation will be ___ to remember.

7. He was the ___ person to complete the test with no mistakes.

8. The new mobiles are much lighter than the old ___ .

9. There are lots of books here. Which ___ are yours?

10. My final guest on tonight's show needs no introduction. Please welcome the ___ and only Michael Jordan!


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Exercise! One or Ones ?!
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