Exercise : Tenses dalam Bahasa Inggris.

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Lengkapilah kalimat dibawah ini dengan memilih tenses yang paling tepat.

1. According to the weather report, it _______ cloudy tomorrow.

2. You ___________ for five straight hours. Why don’t you take a break?

3. While I __________ down the street, it began to rain.

4. When she _______ a strange noise, she ______ up to investigate.

5. The thief simply walked in. Someone __________ to lock the door.

6. I _________ many people since I came here in June.

7. She _________ five courses this semester.

8. Water _______ of hydrogen and oxygen.

9. I need an umbrella because it _________.

10. My classes ________ at nine.



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1 thought on “Exercise : Tenses dalam Bahasa Inggris.”

  1. As regard to the question number 4, cmiiw, It should be have met instead of have meet. You doubled the e right there.

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