Exercise: the same vs the same as ; like vs alike vs similar to

1. Tea-time in our house is ________ feeding time at the zoo!

2. His idea is __________ his.

3. For the first few months the babies looked so ________ I couldn't tell which was which.

4. Isn’t that just ________ the bike we bought you for your birthday?

5. I bought some new shoes which are very _________ a pair I had before.

6. Jean makes over two hundred thousand dollars and I don't know how much Brandon makes, but I guess it's in _________ ballpark.

7. People say I just look _______my sister.

8. A year ago, we debated a report that is very _________ the one on the table today.

9. We argue sometimes, but we usually think ______ when it comes to important things.

10. I always buy ______brand of toothpaste and toothbrush just out of habit.



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