Penggunaan Cause Connectors: because/because of; so that; dan so, such


Ingin tahu tentang:

  • contoh kalimat because of
  • contoh soal because dan because of
  • contoh kalimat so that dan artinya
  • contoh soal pilihan ganda so that and such that

Berikut ini merupakan penjelasan dari Penggunaan because/because of; so that; dan so, such lengkap dengan contoh kalimat dan latihan soalnya.

Definisi Cause Connectors

Cause connectors adalah kata yang digunakan sebagai penghubung yang menjadi bagian grammar dalam suatu kalimat. Beberapa cause connectors yang sering digunakan adalah because/because of; so that; so, dan such. Penjelasan masing-masing connector dapat dilihat dibawah ini.

Because/Because of

Meskipun terlihat sama tapi because dan because of memiliki pattern yang berbeda, keduanya menunjukkan sebab.


… because +    – subject + verb

  •  – there + verb + subject

Contoh: Charlie was worried because it   started to rain.
 Subject     Verb

Charlie arrived late because there was  a traffic jam.
 Verb  Subject

Because of

… because + noun (phrase)  

Contoh: Charlie was worried because of the  rain.
 noun  phrase

So that

So that digunakan untuk menunjukkan Purpose and Result. So that merupakan penghubung yang menunjukkan hasil (result).

Subject  + verb + so that +  Subject  + verb

Contoh: He studied very hard so that he could pass the test.

She is sending the package early so that it will arrive in time for her sisters’s birthday.


So…that… digunakan untuk menunjukkan cause adn effect.

Subject  + verb + so + adjective/adverb  +  that + Subject  + verb

Contoh: Clark run so fast that he broke the previous speed record.

Emily worked so diligently that she received an increase in salary.

Subject  + verb + so + many/few  +  plural count noun  + that + Subject  + verb

Contoh: The Barons had so many children that they formed their owned baseball team.

Subject  + verb + so + much/little  +  non-count noun  + that + Subject  + verb

Contoh: The grass received so little water that it turned brown in the heat.


Such memiliki fungsi sama sepert so. Digunakan untuk menyatakan cause and effect.

Subject  + verb + such + a  + adjective  +  singular count noun  + that + . . .

Contoh: It was such a hot day that we decided to stay indoors.

Subject  + verb + such + adjective  + plural count noun/non-count noun  + that + subject  + verb

Contoh: They are such beautiful pictures that everybody will want one.

Nah, sudah paham kan penggunaannya, sekarang kerjakan latihan soal dibawah ini, dan jika kamu memiliki pertanya silaka tuliskan pada kolom komentar.

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Pilihlah salah satu jawaban yang paling tepat untuk melengkapi kalimat-kalimat rumpang di bawah ini.

1. It was ______ an interesting book that he couldn’t put it down.

2. I had _____ few job offers that it wasn’t difficult to select one.

3. It was difficult to send the letter _______ the sender had written the wrong address on the envelope.

4. We have to drive around the bay ___________ the bridge was destroyed in the storm.

5. Yuri drove to Miami instead of flying ______ he could save money.

6. I am learning German _________ I will be able to speak it when I go to Austria next holiday.

7. Emily was awarded a scholarship ___________ her superior scholastic ability.

8. The student had behaved _____ badly that he was dismissed from the class.

9. Clark has had _____ bad luck that he’s decided not to gamble.

10. Nobody ventured outdoors _______ the hurricane warnings.


Penggunaan Cause Connectors: because/because of; so that; dan so, such
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