Penggunaan Preposition : In, On, dan At (Part 2)


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Di bawah ini merupakan penggunaan preposisi In, On, dan At dalam bahasa Inggris lengkap dengan contoh kalimat dan latihan soalnya.


  • Penggunaan Umum dari in
  1. in a room/building/drawer/closet (di dalam)
    – Your socks are in the drawer.
  2. in + month/year
    – His birthday is in January.
    – Claire will begin class in 2019.
  3. in time (not late, early enough) (tidak telat, cukup pagi)
    – We arrived at the airport in time to eat before the plane left.
  4. in the street
    – The children were warned not to play in the street.
  5. in the morning/afternoon/evening
    – I have a dental appointment in the morning, but I will be free in the afternoon.
  6. In the past/future.
    – In the past, attendance at school was not compulsory, but it is today.
  7. in the beginning/end.
    – Everyone seemed unfriendly in the beginning, but in the end everyone made friends.
  8. in the way (menghalangi)
    – He could not park his car in the driveway because another car was in the way.
  9. once in a while (kadang-kadang)
    – Once in a while, we eat dinner in a Chinese restaurant.
  10. in no time at all (waktu yang singkat)
    – Clark finished his assignment in no time at all.
  11. in the meantime (pada waktu yang sama, sementara itu)
    – We start school in several weeks, but in the meantime, we can take a trip.
  12. in the middle
    – Emily stood in the middle of the room looking for her friend.
  13. in the army/air force/navy.
    – My brother was in the army for ten years.
  14. in a row.
    – We are going to sit in the tenth row of the auditorium.
  15. in case ( if )
    – I will give you the key to the house so you’ll have it in case I arrive a little late.
  16. (get) in touch with, (get) in contact with.
    – It’s very difficult to get in touch with Yerry because she works all day.


  • Penggunaan umum dari on
  1. above/ posisi di atas/ di permukaan
    – The books are on the table.
  2. on a day/date
    – I will call you on Thrusday.
  3. on {a/the} bus/plane/train/ship/bike
    – It’s too late to see Ema; she is already on the plane.
  4. on a street (dimana letak sebuah bangunan)
    – Kent lives on 16th Avenue.
  5. on the floor of a building
    – Kent lives on the fifteenth floor of that building.
  • Exrepsi umum dari on
  1. on time (tepat waktu)
  2. on the corner ( of the two streets)
  3. on the sidewalk
  4. on the way (sedang dalam perjalanan)
  5. on the right/left
  6. on television/ (the) radio
  7. on the telephone
  8. on the whole (umumnya)
  9. on the other hand (however, nevertheless)
  10. on sale
  11. on foot


  • Penggunaan Umum dari at
  1. Digunakan untuk menyatakan lokasi yang umum.
    – Emma is at the bank.
  2. at + an address
    – Kent lives at 712 16th Avenue.
  3. at + spesific time
    – The class begins at 13.00.
  • Expresi umum dari at
  1. at home/work/school
  2. at night
  3. at least
  4. at once
  5. at present/at the moment (now)
  6. at times (kadang-kadang)
  7. at first (awalnya)

Nah sekarang kamu sudah tau penggunaan dari preposisi in, on, dan at. Untuk memahaminya lebih baik lagi, kerjakan latihan soal di bawah ini.

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Pilihlah jawaban yang paling tepat untuk melengkapi kalimat-kalimat rumpang di bawah ini.

1. There is a big tree ____ the middle of the garden.

2. Will you be ____ home tomorrow afternoon?

3. ‘Are you hungry after your journey?’   ‘No, I had a meal _____ the train.’

4. I think I heard the doorbell. There’s somebody ____ the door.

5. My brother and I had drinks ____ the hotel balcony.

6. Ellena is studying law ____ university.

7. Munich is a large city ____ the south of Germany.

8. Charlie is _____ hospital. He is going to have an operation tomorrow.

9. My father likes to look at the stars ____ the sky at night.

10. It’s difficult to carry a lot of things ____ a bicycle.


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Penggunaan Preposition : In, On, dan At (Part 2)
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