20 Contoh Kalimat “BE GOING TO”

Pernah kesulitan membuat kalimat dengan menggunakan “be going to”? Berikut 20 contoh kalimat menggunakan “be going to” dalam kehidupan sehari-hari.
  1. My classmates and I are going to visit National Museum next week.
  2. The radio said it is going to be cloudy and rainy tomorrow.
  3. My sister told me that she was going to leave for Jakarta the day after tomorrow.
  4. My parents are going to send me to UK to continue my study.
  5. The students organization in my school is going to make a celebration for those who won English debate championship last month.
  6. My Math teacher said that he was going to give a quiz in the near future.
  7. I just met Tom, and he said that he was going to buy a new car.
  8. I’m going to meet Jack at the library at seven. We’re going to study together.
  9. Watch out! You’re going to hurt yourself.
  10. Mrs. Susan has resigned from this school. Who is going to be the new teacher?
  11. I’m going to enroll in the community college next month.
  12. I need to sharpen my skills so I’m going to take a course in word processing.
  13. Do you know which students organization you are going to be in the next term?
  14. My sister is going to be a wife next two months.
  15. My nephew is going to celebrate his birthday party at Nusantara restaurant.
  16. We are going to have our family trip in July.
  17. Frank is going to paint his bedroom tomorrow.
  18. The headmaster is going to visit our class the day after tomorrow so we should prepare everything.
  19. I feel so dizzy. I think I’m going to faint.
  20. We are going to solve this problem. The data have been in our hand. No need to worry.
Bagaimana pendapatmu tentang contoh kalimat diatas? Jika masih ada yang kurang atau kamu memiliki pertanyaan, tuliskan pada kolom komentar di bawah ini.

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