20 Contoh Kalimat “WILL”

Pernah kesulitan membuat kalimat dengan menggunakan “will”? Berikut 20 contoh kalimat menggunakan “will” dalam kehidupan sehari-hari.
  1. Andi will graduate in June. After that, he will continue his study at University of Indonesia.
  2. Ask Sussie to clean the white board. She will do it because today is her turn.
  3. I will translate this article for you.
  4. If Tomy is late again, our teacher will be very angry.
  5. Please sit down here John. I will make you a hot cup of tea.
  6. When I grow up, I will be an astronaut.
  7. I will turn the AC on, because the weather is so hot.
  8. I will go to bed after I finish my homework.
  9. I will probably watch TV for a little while, then I will go to bed.
  10. If you cheat on your friend’s work, I will tell your teacher.
  11. I will not hurt you, because I’m your friend.
  12. She will lend you her pen if you ask her.
  13. I think I will  go to the bookstore.
  14. She will eat your lunch if you come late.
  15. She will go to buy some candy.
  16. I will not go home if this work hasn’t finished yet.
  17. All our computer equipment will be replaced in the near future.
  18. Do you know that fruit will keep longer if you put it in the fridge?
  19. It will not be easy to find another secretary if you lose this one.
  20. The damage we do to our environment today will affect the quality of life of future generations.
Bagaimana pendapatmu tentang contoh kalimat diatas? Jika masih ada yang kurang atau kamu memiliki pertanyaan, tuliskan pada kolom komentar di bawah ini.

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