Exercise : Adverbia

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1. Now that we have a baby, we _________ get the chance to go to the cinema.

2. She only sees her niece __________, so she showers her with presents when she does.

3. In my experience, people _________ smile back if you smile at them.

4. Blue whales are the largest creatures _________ to have lived.

5. The buses run less __________ on Sundays.

6. I spent most of my money in the first week and __________ had very little to eat by the end of the holiday.

7. This carpet would be_________ right for the dining room.

8. The accident was caused by people driving too ________ in bad conditions.

9. Absorbed in her work, she was _______ oblivious of her surroundings.

10. Helicopters are _________ used for military rather than civil use.


Exercise : Adverbia
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