Exercise! Future Continuous Tense dan Simple Present Tense


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Pilihlah jawaban yang paling tepat untuk melengkapi kalimat-kalimat rumpang di bawah ini agar menjadi kalimat future continuous tense dan simple present tense yang tepat.

1. I __________ my homework when you come tonight.

2. When you come this afternoon, Emily _________ a letter.

3. The children __________ when you arrive tonight.

4. I __________ games when you come tonight.

5. He __________ his room when his friends come tomorrow morning.

6. My sister and my brother __________ when my mother comes tonight.

7. My family __________ for me when I arrive at the airport tomorrow.

8. Don’t call your father now, he __________ dinner.

9. We __________ when you come this evening.

10. Will your mother _________ a cake when we come tomorrow morning?


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Exercise! Future Continuous Tense dan Simple Present Tense
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