Exercise! Macam-Macam Bentuk Pertanyaan dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Susunlah Embedded Questions dari kalimat yang telah tersedia.
Contoh: Where did he go? I know _______________ .
------> I know where he went.

1. How was the murder committed? The police are still trying to decide _______________ .

2. When will the next exam take place? Do you know _______________ ?

3. How well does she play the violin? You can't imagine _______________ .

4. Who will be the chairperson? I'm not sure _______________ .

5. Where did they spend their vacation? Elenna told me _______________ .

6. How much will it cost to repair the car? The mechanic told me _______________ .

7. Why are they buying a new house? I don't know _______________ .

8. How long does the class last? The catalog doesn't say _______________ .

9. Whose book is it? They haven't discovered _______________ .

10. How tall is Clark? Do you know _______________ ?



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2 thoughts on “Exercise! Macam-Macam Bentuk Pertanyaan dalam Bahasa Inggris”

  1. Nomer 9.
    Bagaimana jika diubah jadi gini
    Who will do the task? I dont know.
    —> I dont know who ____________________

    1. yec co id

      Hi Kunkun,
      Who will do the task? I dont know.
      —> I don’t know who will do the task.
      Karena yang ditanyakan subjeknya.

      Beda dengan

      Who is he/she. I don’t know.
      Maka I don’t know who he/she is.

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