Exercise! Perbedaan Say dan Tell


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Perbedaan Say dan Tell

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1. Did you _______ anyone that you were coming to see me?

2. The comedian always _______ his friends jokes when he is at a party.

3. No one _______ me she is ill.

4. Emily _______ that she will make the dessert for the party.

5. Clark _______ he would take us on a picnic today.

6. The little boy was punished because he ________ a lie.

7. What time did you _______ that the lecture had begun?

8. Ethan _______ that he could play piano.

9. The doctors _______ that it will take him a few weeks to recover.

10. Who _______ that he was going to Los Angeles?



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Exercise! Perbedaan Say dan Tell
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