Exercise! REDUNDANCY !!!


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Tentukan manakah kalimat yang redundant dan mana kalimat yang benar.

1. The carpenter joined the two beams together with long nails.

2. The mountain climbers proceeded on their long trek up the side of the mountain.

3. I think that we should come up with a new innovation for doing this job.

4. The twins have the same birthmarks on their backs.

5. Nobody could get out of work early enough to attend the matinee.

6. When the roads become too slippery, we decided to return back to the cabin and wait for the storm to subside.

7. Emma and her sister competed in the musical talent show.

8. My cousins love to play with the two twins from across the street

9. I think we have sufficient information to write the report.

10. After Clark has shown Emily how to insert paper ince, he repeated the operation again.



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Exercise! REDUNDANCY !!!
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