Exercise! Simple Past vs Present Perfect Tense


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Pilihlah jawaban yang paling tepat untuk melengkapi kalimat rumpang di bawah ini.

1. ____________ a famous person?

2. ‘Is Tajib here?’ ‘No, he __________ yet.’

3. I __________ my hair before breakfast this morning.

4. I _________ tennis yesterday afternoon.

5. My hair is wet. I _________ it.

6. What time __________ to bed last night?

7. The weather ____________ very good yesterday.

8. Karen travels a lot. She __________ many countries.

9. My friend is a writer. He __________ many books.

10. Last January, I __________ snow for the first time in my life.



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Exercise! Simple Past vs Present Perfect Tense
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