Pengertian, Macam, Contoh Kalimat, dan Latihan Soal Punctuation

Exercise 2

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Pilihlah true untuk kalimat yang penggunaan tanda bacanya sudah sesuai, dan false untuk kalimat yang penggunaan tanda bacanya masih kurang tepat.

1. emily is a clever student.

2. You are not a liar, are you!

3. Nisa’s bag is on the chair.

4. “It was getting really cold,” he said.

5. I will go to Bandung next week.

6. Are you left-handed?

7. They were more friendly more talkative more open than last time we met them.

8. They went to the beach yesterday

9. They are going to the party, aren’t they?

10. It’s important to write in clear, simple, accurate words.


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