Simulasi Tes TOEIC Online

Simulasi Tes Toeic Online

Simulasi Tes TOEIC Online Reading

1. Michaela .... the minutes during the meeting

2. In the event that you are injured at work, your company ..... your medical insurance via the government's programs

3. The manager is expected to ....... at the new application launching event.

4. As written in the SOP, the administrative assistant should check the opname stock to check whether we are ...... low on any important materials. 

5. I regret to ..... you that your order will be delayed by 2 weeks due to the overload of shipping.

6. Untuk Soal 6 s.d 9

With this 30-day trial period, now you can track your monthly expenses with no hassle. (6)............................... Sign up to our Money Track application and you are free to (7) …….. the variants monthly expenses post. You can choose it based on your financial plan. If you decide within this time that you no longer want to be a member of Money Track, (8) …...... tap on the Your Account menu. On the Your Account menu bar, tap unto the Membership  and (9).............. your membership. So easy.




10. Untuk Soal 10 s.d 12




Purchase a 1 year subscription to Luchair today and receive a free pair of Zayn Digital Lenses Glasses with your very own soft leather case.* To get your free Zayns follow these 3 easy steps.

  1. Purchase a copy of Luchair, New York's #1 Health magazine.
  2. Fill out the application form (found in the center of the magazine)
  3. Mail the card and $20.55 to the address provided

*This is a limited time offer only. Application and funds must be received no later than Dec 1st 2022. Any residents outside Japan should add $3 for shipping. Offer not available for residents outside of Asia.


What is this advertisement for?

11. How much do the glasses cost?

12. Who cannot benefit from this special deal?


Demikianlah, Kawan YEC, simulasi tes TOEIC online gratis yang bisa kalian kerjakan. Gunakan simulasi ini sebagai latihan kalian. Jika kalian rajin mengerjakan latihan-latihan soal semacam ini, kalian akan terbiasa dan bisa mengerjakan TOEIC dengan lancar.

Bila kalian bisa menjawab simulasi ini dengan benar, artinya kalian sudah siap menghadapi tes TOEIC. Untuk kalian yang sedang mencari tes TOEIC online yang resmi, YEC bisa banget nih membantu kalian.

YEC sebagai CTAS (Certified Test Administrator Site) dari ITC menyelenggarakan TOEIC® Listening & Reading bagi kamu yang ingin mengukur kemampuan bahasa Inggris untuk komunikasi internasional. Dilaksanakan secara online, tes yang berbasis CBT ini bisa kamu ikuti di mana saja. KLIK DI BAWAH INI untuk daftar TOEIC® Listening & Reading dan klaim kupon diskon untuk mendapatkan potongan harga!

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